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Review - The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven

The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven

Izzy O'Neill here! Impoverished orphan, aspiring comedian and Slut Extraordinaire, if the gossip sites are anything to go by . . . Izzy never expected to be eighteen and internationally reviled. But when explicit photos involving her, a politician's son and a garden bench are published online, the trolls set out to take her apart. Armed with best friend Ajita and a metric ton of nachos, she tries to laugh it off - but as the daily slut-shaming intensifies, she soon learns the way the world treats teenage girls is not okay. It's the Exact Opposite of Okay. 

Okay, true confession time. Bear with me, I will get to this amazing book in a minute and this is super relevant. I had a crush on a close friend of mine for the longest time. I knew that she wasn't interested in any romantic relationships but that didn't put me off. We never really talked about it and I don't think I ever harassed her about it, (I hope I didn't!) I …

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