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The Fandom Launch Party

There was a lot of excitement in the Northern Book Bloggers chat when an event listing for a launch party for Anna Day's novel, The Fandom, appeared on the Waterstones Newcastle website, followed by a bit of concern and confusion when it abruptly disappeared again, and disappointment when we found out that it was going to be a private, invitation only launch, (which is pretty standard practice I believe).

So I was really excited to then get an invitation to the party, and very happy to find out that said invitation was to be extended to the rest of the Northern Book Bloggers. In the end six of us made it out to the party. From left to right we have me, AimeeRebeccaCora, Anna, Steph and Charlotte.

The basement of the best bookshop in the North was pretty full by the time I arrived, late, damp and flustered. There was an excellent turn out for Anna Day's launch. A glass of red wine and some friendly faces soon helped me to de-stress.

Rebecca had made some Taken Moons candle…

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